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Bass, Guitar, Piano, Vocal Lessons with Dave Hopia

Dave 'Frenzy' Hopia

David has been a musician since he was 14 years old and has been recording, writing and playing live for over 30 years.  'Frenzy' was a band he toured and recorded with as well as recording Albums throughout the 90s with Heartland, Newman, and The Distance, all from England.   Also Canadian Rock Band Pokerface which featured Jeff Waters from Annihilator.  David played with Joe's Garage at the Roxy for 17 years  (1998 -2015 ). He's played everything from Sinatra and Tom Jones to ACDC and Prince - with some country as well.

Dave also runs his 
own Recording Studio in Pitt Meadows; Hopia Music Studio has been operating in Pitt Meadows for 10 years. David plays piano, bass, Guitar, and is currently the Lead Vocalist & Bass Player in the Beatles Tribute Band The Day Trippers. Most recently David has been playing bass and singing back-up vocals for Nick Gilder and Sweeny Todd.  

Dave teaches all styles and welcomes students of all ages and abilities