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Guitar Lessons with Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson

Anthony Is an accomplished guitarist who with his production company SA Trackworks, has played on, written and produced records around the world. With albums sales well over 17 million world wide, his songs have been recorded by such international artists as Stacie Orrico (USA), Rouge (Brasil), and Namie Amuro(Asia). Moreover, he has had multiple top 10 hits in Canada and a U.S. Billboard Number One Hit with Laura Pausini’s “Surrender”.

Anthony has co-written and produced songs for acts signed to the world’s leading labels, including J Records, Universal, Sony, Atlantic, Warner, Jive, Capitol/EMI, and Avex; he has also had songs placed in numerous television shows, commercials and movies. These include hit TV shows Austin and Ally (Disney Channel), and American Idol.

He has spent the last decade-plus gaining accolades and hitting the top of the charts with tracks by up-and-comers and international superstars alike. Chart-toppers Elise Estrada (Canada), Loverboy, (Canada) Stacie Orrico (USA), Tohoshinki (Japan) are just a few who have all benefitted from his touch.

His song “Surrender” by Altantic Recording Artist, Laura Pausini has left a legacy. It is now the most radio played song written by Canadians and performed by a foreign artist. It was the most played dance song 3 years in a row and earned the team a Canadian SOCAN Number One Award as well as a U.S. Billboard Number One Award.
Anthony teaches "pop" style guitar as well as Songwriting. This includes: rock, pop country, etc. Basically any hit song on the radio over the last 50 years.

Anthony is very keen on making sure the student feels they are having fun while learning. He says "Its important to find out what interests the students have musically. I’ll  have them practice, according to their ability, simplified versions of favorite tunes they may have always wanted to play. I remember when I first started, there was nothing more satisfying, when learning guitar, than being able to play a familiar song."  At the same time Anthony will introduce the students to different genres and songs, old and new, that they may have never even thought of learning. And along with this we’ll study what makes a song and how they can learn to create songs of their own.

Anthony teaches all ages, from young children to adults, and all levels. He loves teaching beginners to intermediate. Anthony has a very patient and kind personality and thoroughly enjoys the challenge of working with the less experienced.  It's always exciting to help them develop their skill and watch them progress.