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Hotone SOUL PRESS Micro Volume/Expression/Wah Pedal

Hotone SOUL PRESS Micro Volume/Expression/Wah Pedal

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3-in-1 Pedal: Wah, Volume, Expression

If you're like most musicians you're frequently in need of a volume pedal or a wah or an expression pedal. Why not get all three, in one convenient, compact pedal? Featuring Wah, Volume, and Expression modes, the Hotone Soul Press does it all. In wah mode, you get everything from vocal sweep and lush harmonics to classic wah-wah effects. Instead of sucking the life out of your signal like most passive volume pedals, Soul Press' Volume mode is an active circuit, which keeps your tone killer. You can even fine tune the low end with the volume range control. The Expression mode can be used without a battery or external power supply. It's compatible with most digital effects and connects with a standard stereo 1/4" jack. This mode also supports keyboards and other instruments that accept expression control. Hotone Soul Press. You know you need it.


  • Ultra compact 3-in-1 volume/expression/wah-wah pedal for electric guitar
  • Mode selector
  • Status LED
  • True bypass
  • Input and output: 6.3 mm Jack
  • Power supply via 9V battery or a 9V DC mains adaptor
  • Power consumption: 20 mA
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 138 x 62.5 x 51 mm

 Great volume pedal!

I always wanted a volume pedal with a small "footprint". This pedal doesn't take up much more space than a conventional stompbox. I use it for a volume pedal and it is smooth with no sudden spikes in volume. It allows for swells and sounds great. The wah is also very good. I have the new Dunlop mini wah right next to this one and the sounds are similar but I prefer the Dunlop. I have not used the expression function so I can't comment on that.

Amazing Wah/Volume in a Small Footprint

I have used many wahs and volumes over the years, but this pedal is the perfect combination for me. The wah is very expressive and musical. It also does a great job as a volume pedal and is perfect for volume swells. The only thing that took getting used to was the size, but now that I've used it for a while, that's no longer a problem. No noise or other issues on my pedal board.