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Hotone VERB Digital Reverb Pedal

Hotone VERB Digital Reverb Pedal

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Designed small to sound big.
The Hotone VERB stomp box is a digital reverb pedal. From the subtle echoes of a small room to the grand ambiance of a large hall, Verb will throw back a natural sound. Onboard controls let you select the decay time and shape the response of your high end. Use the SHIM button to add a decorated shimmer that will give your tone a beautiful and modified character.


  • Zinc alloy outer cover provides ruggedness and durability
  • True bypass footswitch ensures a clean signal from guitar to amp
  • Transparent top knob and 2 small knobs allow easy access to features
  • Cool LED lights add style and mojo
  • Requires 9V DC negative center power supply, not included

    Great Addition to a Small Pedal Board

    The minuscule space this takes up on the board makes it a no-brainer for adding some relatively low cost reverb to your board, whether building your first or expanding on an existing one. More "analog" sounding than I expected. Yes, there are more versatile reverb pedals with more options, but the Hotone Skylne is "on all the time" for most of my gigs now that I've added it to my project board.
    Tiny Giant

    The Skyline Verb packs beautiful tone and surprising versatility all into a pedal the size of an egg. I highly recommend considering Hotone's offerings, as they easily stand up to (and usually surpass) much of the competition in tone and features for half the size and price.